Diary of the Hooman Pet

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I can’t seem to find the cat anywhere! She’s so good at almost disappearing! Only a touch of ear here or a tail there. Wonder where the rest of the cat is! What I love is that Lilly seems to firmly believe that she is completely hidden and no one can possibly see her!

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Lilly’s Lap of Luxury:

I just have to make sure that there is nothing else on my lap!!! If my computer is on my lap, Lilly decides that it’s her turn to take over the keyboard. She certainly types some interesting things. For instance does anyone actually know what "kkkkkkkkssssjjjjjjjjjjjjtttttttttlllll" means? Because I’m at a loss!

Other things just get thrown to the floor as Lilly burrows under them, no matter what it is. It’s always interesting to have her trying to burrow under a book. Once in a while she decides that she’s not in the mood for typing on the computer, and she decides to burrow under that. It’s always fun when the laptop starts pitching forward into my chest. She doesn’t manage to get far under it though, before the laptop makes a hasty retreat. Lilly always looks very smug at that point. She’s accomplished her goal, my lap is free!

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Lilly loves curling up in the clean laundry. I have no problem with her doing it. I think it’s adorable. The only problem is that Tiffany’s Hooman has a slight allergy to cats, so she doesn’t really like Lilly to curl up in her laundry. Of course, the really funny thing is that Tiffy’s Hooman always laughs and takes a picture before shooing Lilly out of the laundry basket. Lilly, though, has figured out another way to be close to the laundry without actually getting in it!

Of course, maybe that’s just because she wants to read the books on the couch. She does seem to love books.

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I've never known a kitty who loves Christmas as much as Lilly. Any time I can't find her, I simply look under the Christmas tree. You can tell she loves it; see the big smile on her face? I, just grateful she hasn't tried to climb the tree. Who knows, maybe the reason she loves Christmas so much is because I brought her home for the first time at Christmas time! Now I'm just trying to get her to pose with the Santa hat that I bought for her on. She's being very stubborn. She keeps trying to play with the hat instead of wearing it. I've tried telling her it's for the website, but she just sees the hat as a fun toy to bat at.


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No matter how often I’ve shown my Hooman that it is possible to curl up and sleep anywhere, she still seem determined to just sleep in a bed. I don’t understand what’s so special about my Hooman’s way of sleeping, so I figured I’d better give it a try.

I have to say that it’s not bad. Now, if I could just get my Hooman to understand that the proper time to sleep is during the day, then everything would be great!

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It looks to me like Lilly has decided not to get out of bed today! Poor Kitty! She’s so tired. It’s too bad that we keep wearing poor Kitty out. It’s just so tiring to keep us on track with out work. I wonder how Lilly manages so well. At least she’s still taking her hourly bath!

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We have a bunny that lives under the deck in our backyard. We actually call him Bunny (I know, it’s a very imaginative name.) Anyway, Bunny is starting to get used to us and Tiffany. He’s quit running and hiding the instant he sees us or Tiffany. Lilly, of course, doesn’t go outside, but she certainly loves to watch Bunny when he comes out of hiding to eat the grass, or the bushes. Every time she sees him out there, she watches him. I think she’s decided to adopt Bunny too. She’s already adopted Tiffany and us two Hoomans (Tiff’s Hooman and of course, me, Lilly’s Hooman). She seems to have decided to add Bunny to the list of her favorite “people.”

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I do love Christmas decorations!!! I think my favorite decoration, though, is that little, white, furry one that seems to get up and move through the different displays in the house! I’m really glad that it seems to go with everything!

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You’d think we were living in very dangerous times! I decided to move some boxes around in my study. Lilly had to keep an eye on everything to make sure that I did everything right. Of course, a kitty can’t be too careful. It’s important to find a place where you can keep an eye on things, but not really be in direct line of sight. After all, we Hoomans might get dangerous notions in our heads, like moving the kitty around too!

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Lilly loves the Holidays! Her favorite part is when we put up decorations made just for her to curl up in.

She does make a great centerpiece, though!!!


For some reason, Lilly has a thing about scissors. I really don't understand it. When she was just a tiny kitten, she stole full size sewing scissors off the sewing table and somehow managed to drag them across the house in the middle of the night. I'm still not sure exactly how she managed that. The scissors were as long as she was. We've had to hide all scissors since then.

Of course in this case, I was actually using the mini sewing scissors. Lilly, though, decided to lay claim to them. They are now HERS, even if I won't let her just walk off with them. Of course, in her mind everything in the house, including the dog and the Hoomans, belongs to her. After all, she is the "Itty Bitty Boss."

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Lilly seems to love beds, no matter what state they’re in. She’ll stretch out on them whether they’re standing up against the wall, or lying down the way they’re supposed to. At least she’s easy to please…well, in that respect anyway!

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I’m not sure who Lilly loves more, me or Tiffany. I’m not sure I want to know. I’m afraid the Dog may win. Either way, any time Tiff is outside, Lilly has to sit on the mat next to the back door and wait for her to come back in. She sits there as though protecting Tiffy, making sure that the Hoomans don’t just leave the poor, unprotected Puppy, (in her own fenced-in yard) outside too long. I do wonder how we ever managed to take care of Tiffany before we had Lilly here to tell us how to do it. I just hope that we can keep up with the Itty Bitty Boss’s high standards of care! Otherwise there may be mutiny in the household!

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I’ve been getting chastised by the “Itty Bitty Boss,” as Lilly Bug is frequently called, for not working on her website, and not updating her social media. I would like to know though, how I am supposed to work when she insists on getting between me and the computer, every time I get the computer out to work. Besides, she’s been too busy moving everything that her little mouth can carry around the house to actually tell me what she wants done on her site. Oh well, I guess I just need a few more hands. Clearly I need two hands to pet the Cat, and I need two hands to type her dictation. If only I knew how to grow two more hands….

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Well, we are finally done painting and I’ve even unpacked most of the boxes. Of course, I don’t know how we’d ever have finished painting without Lilly’s help. She was always there to supervise our work, or get in the way, whichever way you choose to look at it.

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I so often get the feeling that I’m about to be attacked. I can’t figure out why. Of course, maybe I’m not the prey. Maybe the mousies that I find all around the house are the prey. Either way, I still think I’m being watched.


Recently Lilly was given the opportunity to share her adoption story on Coldwell Banker's blog as a part of their support for #adoptdontshop. To read Lilly's story please click here.